Utopia (Season 1)

ep.4 Episode 4

时长:00:47:58 / 首播:2013-02-05
The group make use of a derelict manor house. Attempting to decipher the secret meaning of the manuscript, they realise that a global food manufacturer may be involved in the spreading of a new disease, and that they intend to market a cure that only works on specific genetic profiles or races. Meanwhile, Alice is on the verge of a breakdown following the death of her mother, and Ian and Becky's relationship deepens. Dugdale's attempt to blackmail The Network backfires, and he must decide if he should drop his pursuit of The Network in order to save his marriage. The group visit a man connected to The Network, intending to extract information, but the situation turns sour when Alice shoots him dead, believing him to be responsible for her mother's death.
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