Person of Interest (Season 4)

ep.10 The Cold War

时长:00:43:46 / 首播:2014-12-16
Samaritan decides to bring an end to the hide-and-seek game that it has so far played with The Machine. To bring The Machine out of hiding, Samaritan showcases its strength by eliminating crime in New York City for a whole day. Elsewhere, John finds out that Samaritan has learned how to deal with irrelevant numbers and has managed to prevent a series of crimes which would otherwise be taken care of by The Machine. Samaritan's actions leave Harold and his team with a difficult choice, whether to let Samaritan do their job or play along with Samaritan's new plan. When The Machine decides not to communicate with Samaritan, Samaritan changes course, bringing New York City to a halt as it allows crime to dramatically increase. Ultimately, The Machine agrees to talk with Samaritan, and Samaritan indicates the time and place of the conversation. There, Root (acting as The Machine's voice) meets with Samaritan's representative, a young boy. After a tense exchange between the two AIs, it becomes clear that The Machine will not back down, while Samaritan is set on destroying The Machine. The episode ends with Shaw leaving the Subway to help Root and the others while Samaritan engineers a stock market crash on Wall Street. Meanwhile, a series of flashbacks show Greer's past as an MI6 agent. When Greer is assigned to kill a KGB agent, he discovers that the KGB agent is in fact also an MI6 agent and that his deputy director, Blackwood, is in fact a double agent. Overcome with anger, Greer kills Blackwood and severs his ties with MI6.

Directed by Michael Offer
Written by Amanda Segel
#1 - 2014-12-19 13:56
剧情已经不可能从我个人不看好的方向上回头。一直以来我期望这故事的矛盾建筑于人的意志,而非为人代言的神的意志。世界大致是我们的,而在我们的乱流中个体何去何从,它曾如此走来,由此我看不到再证“世界大致是我们的”的必要。但寡言的The Machine与目标、准则开放的Samaritan已经在双“神”对话中彻底消失了。俯瞰角度下的无人在场的议论,它何其软弱。
#2 - 2014-12-28 23:58
#3 - 2015-8-20 02:06
说到底 AI 还是按人类道德行事,宇宙是不存在善恶的。
#4 - 2015-12-3 23:54
(Anyone should take the consequences for his action ...)
#5 - 2016-1-12 23:51
(爱No!I Know!才能!無いよ!)
#6 - 2016-6-24 01:58
#7 - 2017-12-2 17:46
TM是成熟了有了人性的御姐, SM是狂妄冷酷的小孩。