Person of Interest (Season 4)

ep.14 Guilty

时长:00:43:36 / 首播:2015-02-10
Harold, as Professor Whistler, is summoned for jury duty in the trial of a man charged with murdering his wife, the former CEO of a cellphone development company. Harold tells the judge the (in-universe) truth about the government using technology to control our lives, and as he expects, he is initially rejected from the panel. He is brought into the jury panel anyway, after one empaneled juror is rejected by the judge because his phone rings. He is seated next to a chatty and frustrated former schoolteacher named Emma (Blair Brown), who turns out to be The Machine's next number. The team initially concludes that she is a perpetrator, being coerced to "fix" the trial, and that her role is to convince the jury to vote "not guilty". Once in the jury room, the opposite proves true—she is supposed to convince the jury to vote "guilty". Harold reverses himself and stalls to try to get a "not guilty" verdict and to buy time while Reese and Zoe Morgan try to deduce what the real story is. The jury is sequestered in a hotel, and one of the jurors attempts to kill Harold, but Reese intervenes and the man is arrested. The man is actually a plant by the real perpetrator, the new CEO of the company. The murder was to prevent the dead CEO from withdrawing a product worth many millions of dollars but which internal reviews deemed to be unsafe. The new developments lead to dismissal of charges, and the real perpetrator is arrested before he can flee. Fusco, who had been kept out of the loop for the most part, tells Reese not to do that. He says if he eventually dies in the line of duty (as Carter did and Shaw seemed to), then he's okay with it. Emma, feeling a new sense of purpose in her life, tells Harold she is going to find a job teaching again. Zoe sees that Reese has found a love interest—a growing attraction between himself and his counselor.

Directed by Kate Woods
Written by David Slack
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(出门在外靠伙伴 渡行宇宙凭真情)
just like old times
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(世界第一初恋12.5集大爱TwT..小鸟你赶紧娶了千秋吧>// ...)
Reese和Finch的摩斯码互动亮瞎 台词也好牙白O<------<
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(Anyone should take the consequences for his action ...)
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(爱No!I Know!才能!無いよ!)
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