Person of Interest (Season 4)

ep.19 Search and Destroy

时长:00:43:14 / 首播:2015-04-07
The Machine's next number is a brilliant developer and CEO named Sulaiman Khan (Aasif Mandvi), whose antivirus software is hijacked and he is framed for embezzlement. Samaritan and its operatives spend the episode trying to find and kill Khan, while the team tries to save him and determine what Samaritan is doing. They arrive at one of Decima's underground lairs in a forest, and discover that Samaritan is using Khan's antivirus software; Martine and her men arrive, resulting in Khan being captured and meeting Greer. He asks to "look Samaritan in its eyes", to which Greer responds by shooting him dead. Finch tells Reese that since The Machine's code cannot be searched for, Samaritan is employing Khan's software to attempt to locate The Machine.

Directed by Stephen Surjik
Written by Zak Schwartz
#1 - 2015-12-6 04:50
(Anyone should take the consequences for his action ...)