The Big Bang Theory (Season 10)

ep.15 The Locomotion Reverberation

时长:00:20:28 / 首播:2017-02-09
Sheldon, Leonard and Howard finally finish their guidance system for the military, but Sheldon thinks it could be even smaller. To distract him Leonard gives him a trip to be a train conductor in Nevada. The trip greatly excites Sheldon, becoming all he thinks about, getting a train engine in his apartment to work on claiming he prefers it over physics. After seeing Sheldon's theory, Colonel Williams orders his smaller version to be made instead so Leonard and Howard try and get him to come back, Howard promising to teach him the mechanics in exchange for his help.

Meanwhile, Penny and Amy take Bernadette out to get her mind off motherhood duties but the new baby has made Penny and Amy sad over the slow progress in their own relationships. Raj and Stuart babysit Halley while having a few minor mishaps.

Title reference: Sheldon's train trip taking over his thoughts.
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(world edge theory)
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(世界第一初恋12.5集大爱TwT..小鸟你赶紧娶了千秋吧>// ...)
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