Rick and Morty Season 3

ep.3 Pickle Rick

时长:00:23:25 / 首播:2017-08-06
导演/ Anthony Chun
编剧/ Jessica Gao
Rick turns himself into a pickle in an attempt to get out of attending school-ordered family therapy after Summer and Morty get in trouble at school. Beth is irritated by this and takes Rick's serum, which was timed to inject him and change him back once the family left. The family leaves and Rick is left immobilized in the open garage. In therapy, Morty and Summer respond positively to the Dr. Wong's counseling while Beth is resistant to her observations that her admiration of Rick's callousness and selfishness blinds her to the destruction it causes to her family. She struggles to openly admit that Rick turned himself into a pickle in order to skip therapy. Meanwhile, a helpless Rick is battered around by a local cat and ultimately rolls down into an open sewer drain. However, he manages to manipulate the nervous systems of dead roaches and rats to build himself a sophisticated and macabre mobile exoskeleton. He unwittingly escapes from the sewers into a maximum security foreign government building. After its director attempts to have him killed, Rick kills all the guards. The director releases a deadly political prisoner named Jaguar to take Rick out, promising to free Jaguar's daughter in return. Rick and Jaguar battle each other, but eventually kill the director and get away in a helicopter. Jaguar thanks Rick and escapes, while Rick flies to the therapy session. He admits to Beth that he intended to skip the session, and Dr. Wong concludes the session by observing that Rick dislikes normalcy and seeks adventure, and crafts relationships that punish emotions and vulnerability. As such, Beth projects this onto her children, resulting in their family's dysfunctional state. She states that the work required to maintain relationships is never exhilarating, but that it is ultimately necessary. On their way home, Rick apologizes to Beth for deceiving her and Beth gives Rick the serum, turning him human again. While Morty and Summer express their wish to continue seeing Dr. Wong, Rick and Beth ignore them and make plans to go drinking together.
Post-credit scene: Rick and Morty are about to be killed in an elaborate piano death machine by a nefarious villain "Concerto" who has killed numerous others. Before he can kill them, Jaguar slays the villain and flies away. Rick gloats to Morty, saying that making allies like Jaguar is the reason one doesn't have to go for therapies.
Guest starring: Susan Sarandon as Dr. Wong, Danny Trejo as Jaguar, Peter Serafinowicz as the Agency Director.
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主创微解析第三季 av13096557
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为什么 Beth 说 Wong 是个种族歧视的名字,不是很普通的一个姓吗?
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Ching Chong Ting Tong Ling Long Ding Dong
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说: Ching Chong Ting Tong Ling Long Ding Dong
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(You Can (Not) Redo)

只是因为可以做到把自己变成黄瓜这件事就会去把自己变成黄瓜,或者其实无非是想回避自己也乐意参与family therapy的rick,变成黄瓜之后一如既往用起逆天的智商兜兜转转让自己回到诊疗室中,却第一时间近乎无需思考地为自己女儿圆谎,回家的车上自然而然地想抛下孙辈去和女儿喝酒,但却能够正确点出他们的恐惧,在完全的了解和口嫌体正直背后,都是满满的爱啊。






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太鸡儿胡逼了   这集真是把头盖骨都能掀开的脑洞
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我错了(bgm38)(bgm38)我不该边吃边看这集的 我修行还不到家
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大片很有趣 大片和主题结合的也不错
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(Komm, süsser Tod)
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