The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)

ep.9 The Bitcoin Entanglement

时长:00:18:23 / 首播:2017-11-30
Seven years ago, Leonard, Raj and Howard mined a lot of Bitcoin, now worth thousands of dollars, though they cut Sheldon out of the deal. Flashbacks are shown of how the Bitcoin ended up on a laptop, which Penny gave to her old boyfriend Zach while she and Leonard were broken up. In the present day, Leonard and Penny retrieve the device from Zach, who first shows them a video of drunken Penny apologizing for breaking up with Leonard. The Bitcoin is not on the laptop. Sheldon had moved it to a flash drive on Leonard's key-chain to teach them a lesson, but Leonard lost it years ago. A final flashback shows Stuart discovering the flash drive, which he decides to erase and sell.
Title reference: The guys trying to find their old Bitcoin investment.
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