The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)

ep.13 The Solo Oscillation

时长:00:20:49 / 首播:2018-01-11
With Leonard, Howard, Raj and Amy accomplishing so much on their respective projects, Sheldon is forced to admit he has nothing important to work on. He makes Amy leave the apartment for a few days so he can focus, but cannot come up with any ideas and calls his mother as a distraction. Leonard and Amy have fun recreating experiments from when they were growing up, boring Penny, so she eats with Sheldon as he mulls over his scientific studies. Penny helps him realize that his study of dark matter is his rebound science from string theory, which Sheldon admits he never forgot about, but explaining string theory to her inspires Sheldon, helping him discover a potential breakthrough in the field. Meanwhile Howard is too busy with his family to be in the band with Raj, so Raj brings in Bert. But when Howard annoys Bernadette by writing an astronaut-themed musical while she is on bed-rest, she makes him rejoin the band. The three are poorly received, after singing Bert's original song about the boulder from Indiana Jones at a Bar mitsvah.

Title reference: A triple entendre to represent Sheldon going into isolation to figure out his future research field only to go back to studying string theory, the vibration of the strings in string theory, and Howard's oscillation between being in a band with Raj and being solo.
#1 - 2018-3-4 12:17
哈哈哈,換妻棒棒噠,Sheldon x Penny 黨頭頂青天。