The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)

ep.14 The Separation Triangulation

时长:00:18:55 / 首播:2018-01-18
Raj hooks up with a recently separated woman, Nell, after one of his lectures at the planetarium. Her husband Oliver confronts Raj at the planetarium and then breaks down over the end of his marriage. After comforting Oliver, Raj talks to Nell and convinces her to give her husband another chance. Meanwhile, after diving once again into string theory and sprawling his work across his and Amy's apartment, Sheldon approaches a reluctant Leonard and Penny and convinces them to let him use his old room to study for a three-day trial period with an agreement to be quiet and stay out of their way. Sheldon surprisingly sticks to this agreement, being a reasonably good guest, which shockingly frustrates Leonard to no end. After Leonard lets out his frustrations, Sheldon then renegotiates the guest tenancy agreement for an extra few days and resumes being his normal demanding self, much to Leonard's relief.

Title reference: The love triangle between Raj, Nell and Oliver, who is upset at his separation from Nell.
#1 - 2018-3-4 12:50
Max! 快來領走你家 Caroline! 要被阿三哥拐走啦,啊不對不起沒事了,阿三哥忙着搞基去了(bgm38)。Leonard 你個抖M(bgm38)
#2 - 2018-5-18 17:50