The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)

ep.20 The Reclusive Potential

时长:00:20:39 / 首播:2018-04-12
Sheldon has been writing the reclusive scientist Dr. Wolcott who invites Sheldon to visit him in his completely isolated mountain cabin. Wolcott has a brilliant mind but his behavior is very strange to Leonard, Raj and Howard. He tells Sheldon he cut off all contact with others to focus on science. Though Sheldon enjoys the science he doesn't want to live like Dr. Wolcott because of his friends and Amy. The guys leave to avoid Dr. Wolcott, whose theories about time make him doubt whether the guys were ever there. Meanwhile, Penny and Bernadette throw Amy a quilting bee for her bachelorette party, which she finds boring. They go to a bar where Amy drinks a few shots and passes out in twelve minutes. The women lie and tell her she had a wild time.

Title reference: Sheldon considering the scientific potential in living as a recluse.