This Is Us Season 2

ep.18 The Wedding

时长: / 首播:2018-03-13
As Kate's wedding approaches; she dreams of Jack and Rebecca renewing their vows on their 40th wedding anniversary; Toby is not in the dream. After unsuccessfully seeking "something old" connected to Jack, Kate makes room in her heart for Toby by resolving her grief over Jack; she scatters the remainder of Jack's ashes near the Pearson cabin. Kate tells Rebecca she admires her. Toby's divorced parents disapprove of the marriage, fearing a relapse of the depression Toby suffered after his first marriage; Toby demands they celebrate the wedding or leave; they stay to celebrate. Kate and Toby marry; Jack once told Kate she would someday marry a man better than himself. Kevin allows himself to grieve over Jack. Deja is surly after Shauna requested termination of parental rights; Beth's cousin Zoe, the wedding photographer, consoles Deja by sharing how she accepted Beth's family’s love after her own mother abandoned her. However, after Toby's mother says Deja resembles Randall, Deja vandalizes Randall's car. In the future, Kevin (contemplating Jack and Nicky’s Vietnam War picture) and Zoe fly to Vietnam together; Kate nurses a cripplingly depressed Toby. Further in the future, Randall and adult Tess feel unprepared to see an unshown female.