Silicon Valley Season 5

ep.8 Fifty-One Percent

时长: / 首播:2018-05-13
PiperNet finally launches, but two months later is close to bankruptcy because K-Hole, the most important "Octopiper" company, has jumped ship. When all seems lost, there is a sudden user spike. Unbeknownst to the team, Laurie and Yao are behind this, as they seek to add enough users to control 51% of the company, after which they will be able to shut it down and replace it with their own version of PiperNet. Colin, the CEO of K-Hole games, tells Richard he was fired from K-Hole by Laurie and is starting to develop a personal game which has already gathered 80,000 users, proposing that he adds them to the Pipernet. A resentful Richard dismisses him with a passion. The team finally discovers Laurie's move after Monica and Gilfoyle do some digging into the identities and locations of the PiperNet users and find out about Yao's platform from Jian-Yang, and although Gilfoyle can develop a patch to kick them off the platform, they will need to stall them for eight hours by adding as many users as possible. Richard tries to reach Colin and apologize, but he has gone camping and is unreachable, so Dinesh and Jared travel to meet him. To buy some time, Richard goes to Gavin Belson, who was informed that Hooli will be sold to Amazon due to the failure of the Box 3. He agrees to add the 40 prototypes of the Box 3 to PiperNet, slowing Laurie and Yao's progress, but he takes advantage of this to try to take over the company himself, contacting Laurie and proposing a deal that has her deleting all users from China so that Gavin gets to 51% and erases PiperNet. Richard desperately decides to offer the whole company to Gavin for free so that he doesn't delete it, catering to his ego and telling him that he actually has the skill to make it work. While a triumphant Gavin gloats to Laurie and slashes the proposal, the team adds Colin's 80,000 users to PiperNet, breaking the 51% barrier, and Gilfoyle launches his patch, locking Hooli and Yao off PiperNet. Pied Piper finally garners the attention of the valley, and moves to a huge 4 story building, anticipating the enormous demand their new internet will finally have.
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