Shane Newville

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  • 生日: 1981年11月5日

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Shane Newville是Rwby的动画制作和Rooster Teeth的员工,为RWBY中的Russel Thrush和AK-130(Black预告片中的机器人)配音,与Monty Oum合作有七年左右并在其帮助下创作了另一部动画(Megaman X Fanimation),同时也是Red vs Blue(Rooster Teeth出品的Halo同人喜剧动画)第十季助理动画制作

  Shane Newville is an animator for RWBY, an employee of Rooster Teeth Productions and is the voice of Russel Thrush and the Atlesian Knight-130s. He has another animation he created, with Monty Oum's help, on Rooster Teeth's channel.

  He also has a personal YouTube Channel where he posts animations. He is a father, and married to Katie Newville, who voices Emerald Sustrai. He had been working with Monty for nearly 7 years, and was a co-animator for Red vs. Blue Season 10.

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