Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

  • 中文名: 命令与征服:红色警戒2
  • 开发: Westwood Pacific、Westwood Studios
  • 平台: PC
  • 游戏类型: RTS
  • 发行: EA Games
  • 游戏引擎: Heavily-modified Tiberian Sun engine
  • 发行日期: 2000-10-23


/ 795人玩过 / 1人在玩 / 11人搁置 / 2人抛弃
In this sequel to Red Alert, the Soviets launch an attack on the United States. With the aid of Yuri, Premiere Romanov is able to avert the nuclear retaliation of the Americans and he is able to gain a foothold in the United States itself. Red Alert 2 features new and old units and technologies and feature a variety of countries within each faction (Allies/Soviets). Each country features his own unique unit/building/technology; the Americans have Paratroopers, Russia have Tesla Tanks. An expansion to Red Alert 2, Yuri\'s Revenge, was released in which the powerful psychic Yuri tries to achieve world domination. Secretly during the war with the Americans, Yuri has been constructing his own army across the globe and he turns on the Soviets which result in the Allies and Soviets having to ally against Yuri. The game takes place in another alternate timeline, starting with the end of the war in RA2 having the soviets lost, but Yuri taking over the world\'s minds using his Psychic Dominator. The Americans use their Chronosphere to go back in time to the beginning of the war so they can try and stop Yuri before his plans of world domination are finished. This expansion pack includes a new faction; Yuri and new units/building/technologies for each of the 3 factions.


7.9 力荐
Bangumi Game Ranked:#631


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2010- 童年回忆。

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算是我最早玩的游戏之一吧......还是计算机老师带我们玩的 百玩不厌

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