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周运 贝拉 心灵占星运势6.16-6.22

2011-6-16 00:13 (+0)
CAPRICORN The new moon in your 8th early in June made you feel very empowered (and will continue to do so for the next six months!) so it’s a favorable time to get new enterprise ... (more)

周运 Rita Ann 6.13-6.19

2011-6-14 00:03 (+0)
Capricorn Family: Spending hikes near the 13/14th but sorting through problems may drain your psyche more than the spending drains your wallet, especially IF Cancer, Sagittarius, ... (more)


2011-6-13 11:36 (+0)
看一看你自己的一张旧照片。试着回忆起拍下它时你是什么样的心情。在那时候你正经历着什么?从那时起又发生了怎么样的改变?在这一刻,假想着画中的那个“你”忽然之间灵魂出窍来到今天——而不带着彼 ... (more)


2011-6-13 11:34 (+0)
CAPRICORN What is it that the people in your life love about you? Your cooking? Your fine looks? Your ability to do three things at once? Well, they’re all much appreciated, but ... (more)

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