2017-11-8 13:06 /
  • -Infatuated with Ichigo's Getsuga transformation in Chapter 420
  • -Regret reading the endings and doushinjis of Togainu no Chi, making the anime seem much less appealing
  • -One thing bothering me about subbed anime is that the more I watch, the more frequently the characters' voices sound familiar
  • -Chapter 423 shouldn't be the end for Ichigo, else how will Bleach continue, or won't it?
  • -Please let me see the mighty powerful and handsome Ichigo again~
  • -Most effective way to soak a tissue -- reading Naruto manga chapters 503 and 504
  • -Although the plot of manga Hunter x Hunter is beyond intricacy, I still find a few short-comings unfortunately v.v
  • -Laughing at Ishida losing his arm for the second time...muahahahhh
  • -Watched three of Shinkai Makoto's movies in a row. The distances that are apart and the time that passes are two recurring themes being explored in three different cases.
  • -Women with such bitter lives in Jigoku Shoujo T_T
  • -More than half-way through Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and I just realized there are so many bishounens~~ *0*
  • -Shinji x Kaworu from Evangelion is attraction at its purest~
  • -In mourning for Gin's death..
  • -Trying to marathon One Piece, ~30 episodes a day...
  • -The Skypiea Arc really drags on..
  • -I really wanna skip the arc where Ace dies in One Piece, can't bare to even think about it!
  • -The Twelve Gold Saints are ALWAYS the ones to get sacrificed!!!
  • -Seeing how things are going in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas 2, maybe this is why I heard more than a decade ago that the only Gold Saint survivor from the previous Holy War was the Gold Saint of Libra...
  • -The second season of Nurarihyon no Mago made Nura Riku look even more handsome than he was in the first season~~
  • -Finally, Hokage Kakashi............not...
  • -Young Masato Hijirikawa was so pretty~~ looked completely like a little girl!!!
  • -Even though I read the corresponding manga part of Episode 517 of One Piece, I still CANNOT wait for the episode to come out!!!!!
  • -CLAMP really doesn't like its characters to have both eyes..
  • -My batteries suddenly ran out on Initial D Fourth Stage..
  • -12年秋季新番刚开始就都这么高质量啊!!!!!!
  • -日常和纯爱动漫真的不适合我。。
  • -最近异能动漫不少。。超想建标签,但又嫌费事儿
  • -Watching dark-themed anime really has this terrible effect on me..
  • -Blood-C: The Last Dark makes me want to reattempt watching xxxHOLiC for the nth time..
  • -Getting caught in the seemingly endless web of old anime..
  • -最近疯狂收藏高清剧场。。
  • -Almost all of the new Spring 2013 anime I'm interested in are squished on the weekend, so now I have nothing to watch on the weekdays..
  • -I'm not liking Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny HD's plot even from the beginning!!
  • -还是更喜欢老版的Hunter x Hunter...
  • -I want my own robot!
  • -ZAICI声明:我真的不适合日常OR治愈OR后宫
  • -等Free!1080p中
  • -Now I'm into dubbed anime once again...*sigh*
  • -突然发现没什么想收藏到移动硬盘里的了,求推荐资源啊!!
  • -The heaven doesn't have eyes if Kaneki doesn't get reborn!!!!!!
  • -我好意思说我已经好几个月没怎么追番了么。。
  • -Joker Game has a truly magnificent cast; each of the voice actors had many important main and supporting roles before. Since it's so hard to tell the spies apart from their facial features, I can only deduct which spy the person is from his voice.
  • -The difference between a great masterpiece and a mediocre anime is a well-developed engrossing story.
  • -Allen Walker used to be as familiar and iconic as Gon or Edward, but now he is just a new nobody.
  • -Griffith reminds me of Lucifer. Both were once the brightest star in Heaven and now have become the Devil himself.
  • -Some people say it's hard to understand D.Gray-man Hallow. That's because it is a continuation of a long well-established series. It takes a considerable amount of background knowledge to not feel strayed during the first few episodes. Good thing I haven't forgotten mine after so many years.
  • -I am actually watching anime I like this season....
  • -Every Yowamushi Pedal episode felt like it only lasted five minutes, but each episode of Mob 100 feels like it only lasts two minutes. I can't wait for the anime to finish so I can get on with the manga. *sigh*
  • -Following Yowamushi Pedal, Haikyuu!!, Mob 100, Boku no Hero Academia, my current seasonal anime obsession is Black Clover. Cannot get enough of it, 恨不得一天看五十集
  • -牙狼系列真的一部比一部好了
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One thing that really bothers me about subbed anime is that everytime I want to know who are the animators in this episode, I have to type in their "English names" and translate them to Japanese and then back to Chinese.
Dam, that is so stupid.
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