Hannibal Season 1

ep.2 Amuse-Bouche

时长:00:42:32 / 首播:2013-04-11
Now a special investigator for the FBI, Will Graham helps to find a murderer who uses his victims as fertilizer to grow mushrooms. Tabloid blogger Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) snoops around the crime scene and Dr. Lecter's office to write a story about Graham, which the killer uses to stay a step ahead of the investigation. Meanwhile, Graham and Dr. Lecter discuss their mutual feeling of responsibility for Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl), which leads Graham to begin opening up to the doctor. The killer is revealed to be a pharmacist who preys on diabetics and is obsessed with the similarities between the structures of fungi and the human mind: Graham intercepts and shoots him in the arm as he attempts to kidnap the unconscious Abigail Hobbs. During another session with Lecter, Graham reluctantly admits that he enjoyed killing Garret Jacob Hobbs; Lecter likens it to a feeling of being God.
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看到种蘑菇那里记忆复苏 上次看也被恶心过 还记得下一集还不是再下一集开头会有qv和大肉块
好喜欢俩人做心理咨询 感觉好温馨