Rick and Morty Season 3

ep.5 The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

时长:00:22:26 / 首播:2017-08-20
At Morty's request, Rick takes Jerry on an adventure to make him feel better. The two of them stop at a resort on another planet covered in an immortality field, which makes it impossible to die inside of it. Jerry encounters a creature who claims that Rick is responsible for his kingdom being usurped. The creature convinces Jerry to help him kill Rick, and gives him instructions on how to do it. However, when Rick apologizes to Jerry for ruining his marriage, Jerry changes his mind and escapes with Rick back to earth. Meanwhile, Summer at home attempts to enlarge her breasts, after a guy breaks up with her for another girl, but she ends up magnifying herself using a machine labeled "Morphizer". Beth fails repeatedly to fix the problem and accidentally releases some creatures that were inside the machine. Morty figures out how the machine works; he manages to restore Summer's size, and uses it to deform his sister's ex-boyfriend, Ethan, for making her cry.
Post-credit scene: The call centre creatures that were inside the "Morphizer" are now enjoying their retirement next to a river. As Ethan walks by, one of the creatures is snatched by an eagle.
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(不小心点到星星于是变成レイにゃん★ ...)
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(碇真嗣是傻逼,so am I)
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Fuck Jerry,恭喜你成为我有关“下意识会想到的令你讨厌的动画人物”这个问题的候选答案之一。
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