#1 - 2022-1-4 14:05
rock1995 (人生五十年 如梦亦如幻 有生斯有死 壮士何所憾 ... ...)
All the creation of sounds, is the creation from people's heart. All the disturbances in heart is the creation of surroundings. Feelings of surroundings bring the disturbances, so it takes the form of notes. Notes corresponding with each other, makes varieties; Composing the varieties in ways, makes melodies; arranging melodies for happiness, plus dancing, makes music.
Music, born from melodies, origins from the feelings about surroundings generated by people's heart. Thus one whose heart is filled with sorrow, makes notes harsh and withered. One whose heart is filled with happiness, makes notes soothing and slow. One whose heart is filled with joy, makes notes bright and free. One whose heart is filled with rage, makes notes heavy and aggressive. One whose heart is filled with respect, makes notes frank and disciplined. One whose heart is filled with love, makes notes harmonious and soft. These six types do not originate from the natural self, but the disturbances of feelings about surroundings. Thus ancient kings are watchful on things affect feelings. So they led wills with ceremonies, harmonized voices with music, unified people with governing, prevented crimes with punishments. Ceremonies, music, punishments and governing, they all lead to one purpose: To unify people's hearts for a world of peace and prosperity.
All sounds are created by people's heart. Emotions disturbs in it, thus taking the form of notes. Notes composed, named melody. So the melodies of a peaceful and prosperous world sound and sooth, indicating harmonious governing. The melodies of a chaotic world rap and rage, indicating an unreasonable governing. The melodies of a dying state grieve and reminisce, indicating people in dilemma.
The way of sound and melody can be the way of governing. Gong represents the king, Shang represents the minister, Jiao represents people, Zhi represents affairs, Yu represents resources. Five notes unflustered, then there will be no melodies in disharmony. If Gong flustered, the melody goes indiscipline, indicating an arrogant king. If Shang flustered, the melody goes jerky, indicating corrupted ministers. If Jiao flustered, the melody goes worrying, indicating unsatisfied people. If Hui flustered, the melody goes grieving, indicating too many affairs. If Yu flustered, the melody goes unsettled, indicating exhausting resources. If all five of them flustered, they violate each other, it's named disorder. In this case, it won't be long before the doom of the state.