Bethesda Game Studios 贝塞斯达游戏工作室

  • 简体中文名: 贝塞斯达游戏工作室
  • 生日: 2001

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Bethesda Game Studios (BGS) is an American video game developer and a division of Bethesda Softworks based in Rockville, Maryland. The company was established in 2001 as the spin-off of Bethesda Softworks' development unit, with Bethesda Softworks itself retaining only a publishing function. The studio is led by Todd Howard as executive producer and Ashley Cheng as studio director. BGS operates two satellite studios: Bethesda Game Studios Montreal, in Montreal, Quebec, was founded in December 2015, and Bethesda Game Studios Austin, in Austin, Texas, became part of BGS after it was corporately re-arranged in March 2018.


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