Dominic Polcino 多米尼克·波尔奇诺

  • 简体中文名: 多米尼克·波尔奇诺
  • 别名: Dominic Joseph Polcino
  • 性别:
  • 生日: 1964-02-13
  • 引用来源: Wikipedia
  • 个人主页:
  • Twitter: @LovesickFool2

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职业: 制作人员

Dominic Polcino is an animation director who has worked on The Simpsons, Mission Hill, King of the Hill, and Family Guy. Polcino worked on the first season of Family Guy, then left to direct for King of the Hill and then returned to Family Guy. He then went on to create the TV pilot Lovesick Fool which debuted on FunnyOrDie then went on to exhibit at Film Festivals and is currently on YouTube.[1] His brother, Michael Polcino, is currently a director on The Simpsons.

Dominic was also the Supervising Director on the Dan Harmon series, HarmonQuest, which is a hybrid live action series that animates the tabletop RPG exploits of Dan Harmon and his celebrity friends.


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