Love/Hate Season 2

  • 中文名: 爱恨两边缘 第二季
  • 主演: Aidan GillenRobert Sheehan
  • 集数: 6
  • 开始: 2011-11-06
  • 结束: 2011-11-11
  • 类型: 犯罪
  • 国家/地区: 爱尔兰
  • 语言: 英语
  • 每集长: 60mins
  • imdb_id: tt1858143


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    A year has passed since Darren's quest to uncover the identity of his brother's killer ended in him being shot by Stumpy. Now, almost fully recovered but tortured by PTSD, he is working as a gofer for newcomer Fran, a mid-level cannabis dealer, loan shark and hooky cigarette smuggler. John Boy is also spiralling. He is haunted by a mysterious ghostly figure he keeps seeing on his apartment CCTV system. Profits are down in the ailing Irish economy, the police are closing in, the forensic accountants of C.A.B. are seizing his assets and business is generally being made impossible. John Boy plans to get his money out of the country and to retire to Spain, but his increasing cocaine use is making him more and more unpredictable. Meanwhile, all is not happy families with Nidge and Trish.

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