• 中文名: 镰刀战争
  • 发行: Stonemaier Games、Asmodee Digital
  • 别名: Scythe: Digital Edition
  • 战镰
  • 镰刀
  • 平台: 桌游
  • PC
  • 游戏类型: Board game
  • 游玩人数: 1 - 5人
  • 发行日期: 2016年
  • 设计师: Jamey Stegmaier
  • 游玩时间: 90–115分钟


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    Scythe is a board game for 1 to 5 players designed by Jamey Stegmaier and published by Stonemaier Games in 2016. Set in an alternate history 1920s Europe, in Scythe players control factions which produce resources, build economic infrastructure, and use giant dieselpunk war machines called mechs to fight and control territory. Players take up to two actions per turn using unique player boards, with the game proceeding until one player has achieved six achievements, at which point the players receive coins for their achievements and territories controlled, with the player with the most coins winning.
    The game was originally released via Kickstarter, raising over $1.8 million. Scythe received very positive reviews, with particularly strong praise for the game's artwork, which was produced by Polish painter Jakub Różalski under the name World of 1920+.

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