Asphalt: Urban GT


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Asphalt Urban GT combines simulation realism and arcade action for the Nintendo DS. Jump in a wide range of licensed high-performance cars and hit tracks from all over the world. Win races, collect prize money, and purchase new rides and tweak current ones. Watch your progress turn-by-turn on the bottom display of the Nintendo DS. Spy on opponents and gauge when to take risks and when to proceed with caution. Asphalt Urban GT features more than thirty options for tuning, engine maintenance and bodywork. Players can race against each other through each twisting turn. Single Race allows up to four players to race head-to-head, while Championship mode allows up to four players to hit some of the championship tracks from the solo Evolution mode. Cop Chase is a two-player cat and mouse mode in which the cops attempt to capture and ?lock on? their opponent for five seconds to claim victory.


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