Alone in the Dark

  • 中文名: 鬼屋魔影
  • 发行: THQ Nordic
  • 别名: 鬼屋魔影:重制版
  • Alone in the Dark Remake
  • 平台: PS5
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PC
  • 游戏类型: 生存恐怖
  • 游玩人数: 1
  • 开发: Pieces Interactive


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    The updated version of the survival horror classic brings a psychological horror experience featured in a Southern Gothic setting. According to the game’s description in the retailer listing, players will experience a story that is both memorable and sinister through the eyes of one of the two protagonists in this ode to the cult video game of the 1990s.

    In Alone in the Dark, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various environments as Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, fend off monsters, solve puzzles, and learn the horrible truth about Derceto’s mansion. In the 1920s, Emily Hartwood’s uncle vanished in the heart of the American South. She searches for him in the Derceto mansion, a psychiatric facility where something prowls, with the assistance of private investigator Edward Carnby. According to the description, you will encounter strange occupiers, nightmare kingdoms, terrifying creatures, and work towards uncovering a malicious plot. The adventure that awaits you is at the junction of reality, mystery, and madness.


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