Black Mirror (Series 2)

ep.3 The Waldo Moment

时长:00:43:00 / 首播:2013-02-25

Jamie Salter (Daniel Rigby) is a failed comedian who performs the voice and movements (via performance capture) of a blue cartoon bear named Waldo, who interviews politicians and other authority figures. The interviewees are fooled into thinking the Waldo interviews are for a children's TV programme, when they're actually for a late-night, topical comedy show. Waldo the bear is extremely popular with the British public, and a pilot for his own series is commissioned, but despite the character's success Jamie is depressed and unsatisfied with his life.
During a brain-storming session for the Waldo pilot, producer Jack Napier (Jason Flemyng), who owns the rights to Waldo, jokingly suggests that Waldo should compete against real politicians in an upcoming by-election in the (fictional) town of Stentonford, so he can stand against one of his past interviewees, Conservative candidate Liam Monroe (Tobias Menzies). Jamie at first opposes the idea, worried about entering the world of politics, but he soon reluctantly agrees to go ahead with the plan. The production company head off on a campaign trail, projecting Waldo onto a screen on the side of a van and driving to wherever Monroe is campaigning, so Waldo can publicly humiliate him in front of the public. During the campaign, Jamie meets Gwendolyn Harris (Chloe Pirrie), the by-election's Labour candidate who is only entering the by-election to further her own political career. Jamie and Gwendolyn grow close, and they have a one-night-stand, but afterwards Gwendolyn is warned by her campaign manager to keep away from Jamie during the campaign. Jamie can't understand why she is avoiding him, and develops a disdain for career politicians.
On a TV panel show with every party candidate as a guest, Monroe mocks both Waldo and Jamie, taunting him by saying Waldo is nothing more than a joke and Jamie himself hasn't achieved anything in his comedy career. This aggravation causes Jamie to angrily rant at every candidate on the panel, accusing them of being more artificial than Waldo is, exposing Gwendolyn as a career politician and stating that the public has lost faith in politicians. Jamie is later embarrassed by his outburst, but the rant becomes a hit on Youtube and Waldo gains more public support. Both Jamie and Napier meet with a man (who introduces himself as a member of "the agency") who claims that Waldo's independent stance has the potential to become a global authority figure much to the disdain of Jamie and, after a heated argument with Napier, Jamie opts to leave the campaign. He tries to apologise to Gwendolyn for his actions, but she turns him away, enraged that he has potentially damaged her career. On the final day of the campaign trail, Jamie rejoins but is overwhelmed by guilt and breaks down at a rally, begging the public not to vote for Waldo, leaving the van and trying to smash the screen. Napier takes over Waldo's controls and orders the public to attack Jamie. On the day of the election, Jamie watches the results from a hospital bed; Monroe wins, with Waldo (now voiced by Napier) coming second and Gwendolyn coming third. Napier prompts the audience to riot.
During the end credits, Jamie is shown to have become homeless, and is living on the street. He sees Waldo on a nearby monitor displaying what is assumed to be political adverts on a global scale and angrily throws a bottle at the screen, which leads to him being assaulted by two police officers.
The episode originated in an idea for Nathan Barley, an earlier TV project co-written by Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris.
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(看剧就是图一乐,无论是神作还是狗屎,你的生活的不会有任 ...)
从异见人士到提线木偶 谁来配音并不重要 工具始终是没灵魂的
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(Anyone should take the consequences for his action ...)
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(Anyone should take the consequences for his action ...)
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感觉结尾很棒,从「第一个打他的人给五百镑」,到整个世界进入 Dark Side。
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Killy 说: 那个“杀过几个人”只是开玩笑
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Fordox 说: 那就是我没看懂,这个玩笑笑点在哪?
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(9块包邮的蓝牙适配器能用多久,我很好奇! ...)
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