Da Vinci's Demons Season 1

ep.6 The Devil

时长:00:54:44 / 首播:2013-05-17
In an effort to learn more about the location of the Book of Leaves, the Turk sends Da Vinci on a mission to locate and rescue the Abyssinian, a cartographer who might help Da Vinci in understanding the map. But the cartographer is being held by a terrible foe deep in the Romanian countryside which is revealed to be non other than Vlad the Impaler better known as Dracula himself. Meanwhile, Giuliano continues to impress as he makes strides in his investigation to find the real spy in Florence. Lorenzo is attempting to form an alliance with the Duke of Urbin against the impending Roman war and Pope Sixtus is growing ever more tired of Count Riario's failures.
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恶魔城外传:达芬奇与路西法 怒刷主线。
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