Silicon Valley Season 5

ep.2 Reorientation

时长: / 首播:2018-04-01
Richard is having trouble leading Pied Piper's massive team of coders, as he is unable to address them without feeling sick and embarrassing himself. As a result, the staff doesn't respect him and are still divided between Sliceline and Optimoji crews, both of which still wear apparel with their former companies' logos and have specific demands in regards to workplace policy and perks, to which Richard tries to cater with disastrous results. When he tries to inspire the coders, making them choose between working together or leaving, all of them, except Dinesh and Gilfoyle, abandon the premises. In response to this, Richard starts doing all the work on his own, coding on 48 hours the equivalent to 4 days' work, which inspires some of the former staff to return, after Jared reaches out to them. Unbeknownst to them, Gavin Belson's head of security has paid Jeff, one of Pied Piper's coders, to spy on the company for him. Meanwhile, Jian-Yang is trying to prove that Erlich is dead, so that he can become the owner of all his former property, including the hacker hostel and the 10% share of Pied Piper. After being sent a fake death certificate from China, he gets an enormous dead pig, which he cremates for its ashes, bringing them to court. Even if Jian-Yang can be entitled as Erlich had no living next of kin, the judge warns him that he must pay all of Erlich's considerable debts before he can claim anything, which he does. When they return home, Dinesh, Richard and Gilfoyle find out that Jian-Yang, now the owner of Erlich's incubator, has changed the lock and dumped their things on the front lawn.
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