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Carla Vallet was born into a family of musicians—her French father was a jazz pianist from Paris, while her mother was a singer from New York. At the tender age of nine, Carla Vallet was already appearing on stage in "Donna Hightower’s Gospel Show."
Born in Madrid, the stations of Carla Vallet's life—Paris, New York, and Tokyo—brought her to London where she now lives. Even as a child, she was a cosmopolitan and spoke several languages. In addition to Spanish, English, and French, Carla is even fluent in Japanese.
After her schooling was finished, Carla Vallet left her hometown of Madrid to study music in New York. Her teachers included great jazz musicians like Ron Carter (Miles Davis Band). While studying music, Carla worked as a model and in the theater. Although her model career was very successful, Carla did what her mother wanted and finished her studies. After completing her studies, Carla Vallet took the opportunity of accompanying her mother to Japan, where she lived for several years.
In a town not far from Hiroshima, she majored in Japanese Studies and English. But her love for music was stronger, and she took advantage of every opportunity to improve her skills. By working together with different international artists and producers, Carla was able to expand her musical horizon.
When her mother became gravely ill, Carla decided to put a temporary end to her Gypsy life and to settle down. She took a job as a music and theater teacher in London. Later, she taught Spanish and French at a girls' school in Kent.
But despite having settled down in one place and having a job as a teacher, Carla's heart was always in her music. Music always remained an important part of her life. When she was appearing in a London jazz club this year, successful producer Leslie Mandoki became aware of her and contacted her. He saw her as the face and voice for the publicity campaign planned to launch the new Audi Q7.
They got together in the Park Studios and together with musicians and sound designers from all over the world—as befits anyone working with Carla—the hypnotic song was recorded with Carla's charismatic voice. On October 21, 2005, Carla Vallet's single, "Streets of Tomorrow," will be coming out. Between publicity appearances all over the world, Carla is hard at work on songs for her debut album that is expected to come out in early 2006.


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