Alien Hominid

  • 开发: The Behemoth
  • 平台: Xbox Live Arcade
  • Browser
  • PS2
  • NGC
  • GBA
  • 游戏类型: Run and gun
  • 游戏引擎: Flash
  • 发行日期: August 2002
  • 官方网站:
  • A place to play:


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Alien Hominid HD is now available on Xbox 360 Live Arcade! Go try it and buy it!
Your UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you! Time to take them out!
Programming by Tom Fulp of!
Art by Dan Paladin!
Use the arrows to run around and aim your gun. The 'a' key shoots and the 's' key jumps. When jumping over an enemy, press DOWN and 's' to do a freak attack!
* You can ride enemy heads past roadblocks. they can run right through while they are freaking out!
* Eat enemy skulls in front of other enemies while on their shoulders -- their friend's reaction will give you a free cheapshot!
* If all else fails, you can try crawling your way to the end like the scum you are! haha
8/20/02 UPDATE:
Fixed grenade / Freak Attack Glitch
Fixed CAPS LOCK issues
Removed first grenade guy (now just 1)
Added first level intro cinema!

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