A Drunken Dream and Other Stories 漫画

  • 作者: 萩尾望都
  • 出版社: Fantagraphics
  • 价格: $24.99
  • 发售日: 2010-09-27
  • 页数: 288
  • ISBN: 1606993771
  • 译者: Matt Thorn


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Forty years ago, the legendary manga artist Moto Hagio reinvented the shōjo (girls' comics) genre with an ongoing series of whip-smart, psychologically complex, and tenderly poetic stories. Here, now, in English for the very first time, as the debut release in Fantagraphics Books' ambitious manga line of graphic novels, are ten of the very best of these tales.

The work in A Drunken Dream and Other Stories spans Hagio's entire career, from 1970's "Bianca" to 2007's "The Willow Tree," and includes the mind-bending, full-color title story; the famously heartbreaking "Iguana Girl"; and the haunting "The Child Who Comes Home" — as well as "Autumn Journey," "Girl on Porch With Puppy," the eerie conjoined-twins shocker "Hanshin: Half-God," "Angel Mimic," and one of the saddest of all romance stories, "Marié, Ten Years Later."

A Drunken Dream and Other Stories is supplemented with a feature-length interview with Hagio, where she discusses her art, her career, and her life with the same combination of wit, candor and warmth that radiates from every panel of her comics.

The Magnificent forty-niners by Matt Thorn
The Moto Hagio Interview
Bianka(ビアンカ 1970年)
Girl On Porch With Puppy(ポーチで少女が子犬と 1971年)
Autum n Journey(秋の旅 1971年)
Marié. Ten Years Later(十年目の毬絵 1977年)
A Drunken Dream(酔夢 1980年)
Hanshin: Half-God(半神 1984年)
Angel Mimic(天使の擬態 1984年)
Iguana Girl(イグアナの娘 1991年)
The Child Who Comes Home(帰って来る子 1998年)
The Willow Tree(柳の木 2007年)


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