Utopia (Season 1)

ep.6 Episode 6

时长:01:01:57 / 首播:2013-02-19
Letts' assistant attempts to extract the code to Janus from Grant. Dugdale realises he has been fooled by Anya, who is an Agent of the Network, and joins the group to attempt to stop the vaccine from being deployed by setting fire to the shipping warehouse. As the group believe Mr. Rabbit to be Letts' Assistant, Wilson and Jessica move to assassinate him, but Wilson turns on Jessica, believing the Network's goal to be just; Grant kills Letts' assistant and interrupts Wilson, giving Jessica time to stab him and escape with Grant. With the vaccine destroyed and Mr. Rabbit dead, the group disbands – Alice leaves with Dugdale; Becky, Ian and Grant plan to leave to the Scottish Highlands; and Jessica will hand the manuscript to Milner. At the train station, Becky has a fit, one of the signs that Deals syndrome has begun to take effect, and distracts the others to board a train by herself; Ian and Grant are left bewildered at the station platform. During her meeting with Milner, Jessica realises that Mr. Rabbit was in fact Milner, and escapes to the rooftop to burn the manuscript. Milner shoots Jessica's leg to prevent her escape and tells her that the manuscript was just a tool to bring Jessica to the Network, and that her father hid the Janus virus in "his greatest achievement" – Jessica herself.