Person of Interest (Season 4)

ep.20 Terra Incognita

时长:00:43:47 / 首播:2015-04-14
In a flashback, Carter (Taraji P. Henson), Finch and Reese are staking out a cop that is going to get killed by HR. In the present, Finch explains who the new number is, a man named Chase Patterson (Zachary Booth). Finch, Root and Fusco are then to work on a case between the two gangs of Elias and Dominic while Reese works on Chase's case regarding the death of Chase's whole family. When Reese asks about the file regarding Chase Patterson, he finds out it was a case of Carter's. As Reese dives into the case, different flashbacks are shown with Carter doing similar investigation to what Reese is doing. As Reese reaches the final destination to the case, he discovers that Chase did not kill his parents and sisters. It was Gil, the doorman at their building, as well as Chase's half-brother. Gil then shoots Reese but Reese manages to shoot him back, killing him. In the process, Reese is trying to escape, the slow process of death is shown with Carter. Reese, now hallucinating and succumbing to hypothermia, talks to Carter about things that he wished he could have talked to her when she was alive. After Reese finishes talking with Carter, she disappears from his hallucination, and a car pulls up.

Directed by Alrick Riley
Written by Erik Mountain & Melissa Scrivner Love
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(Anyone should take the consequences for his action ...)
"you can feel that way again,john  you  just got to hold on,there people who care about you,who can love you,just got to let them in It's like what you told me before,whether i like it or not,I wasn't alone Neither you"
reese 查一个carter之前经手过的案件,搜到了受害者家属住的地方,搜查过程中被凶手击中,身负重伤杀了凶手,抢了凶手的车但因天气太冷无法启动于是在车里静静的等待救援,过程中想着carter在身旁陪伴他的身影
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