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2017-7-31 15:36 (+0)
有爱 有趣 有力量 (bgm24) (more)

Bad mood

2017-6-8 16:39 (+17)
我考察了相当一段时间,基本确定这样一个事实: 排除身体状况原因(也就是假设身体状态足够好),如果我产生了负面情绪,那我一定是对某些现象感到了无奈。 负面情绪包括悲伤,愤怒,嫉妒,恐惧,无奈本身,等等。 ... (more)

Mixed doubles

2017-2-4 12:14 (+5)
General principle Gesture Serve and return serve under different situations F pay attention to the straight line intercept when M at the back Rotation when F at the back How to mov ... (more)

No zuo no die

2016-3-3 11:39 (+3)
Cavity Cannot sleep at night Dental insurance is different from health insurance The first registration should be around mid April Long fabulous American medical queuing How a smal ... (more)

/ dhzy的时间胶囊 ...more