Rick and Morty Season 3

ep.9 The ABC's of Beth

时长:00:22:18 / 首播:2017-09-24
After learning that a father of one her childhood friends is set to be executed for the murder of said friend, Beth learns that Rick created an imaginary universe to store Beth in. Beth, believing her friend Tommy is still in there due to a childhood fantasy, enters the realm with Rick. Upon finding Tommy, they learn he has become de facto leader and commits incest and cannibalism of his children in order to stay alive. Refusing to return, Rick and Beth create a clone of Tommy as an adult in order to save his father from execution. Pondering her life and finally confronting Rick, Beth discovers she has two options: leave the family while Rick replaces her with a clone while she travels the world, or stay with the family and be content with the life she has chosen. Her decision is not revealed. Meanwhile, Jerry begins dating Kiara, an alien highly invested in hunting, much to Morty and Summer's dismay. While trying to kill Morty and Summer for separating her and Jerry, she breaks up with Jerry after it is revealed she is using him as a rebound to get over a previous ex, much like Jerry was with her.
Post-credit scene: Jerry's answering machine plays messages that detail Kiara warning Jerry that her new boyfriend is angry with him, the boyfriend calling and saying he's coming after Jerry, Rick saying he killed the alien and then one saying he had sex with Kiara.
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哭了 这就是爱
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(一部优秀的作品,需要经得起时间的考验 ... ...)
做出选择 适应生活,驾驭生活(怎么让精虫上脑的学生 认真听课)
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Rick怎么会说i love you 呢。。
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Model 1858
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(世界の殼を破られば、我らは生まれずに死んでいく ... ...)
Jerry really sucks(bgm38)
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最后俩人的对话(bgm102) 应该都是克隆体吧……
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(Things happened,and we move on)
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