Apple Arcade,是苹果公司的游戏订阅服务,于2019年3月26日在2019苹果春季新品发布会上发布。Apple Arcade 中的游戏支持在 iPhone、iPad、Mac 及 Apple TV 上游玩,用户支付订阅费用之后便可畅玩其中的所有游戏,无需再另行购买。
※ Apple Arcade 中的游戏是变动的,随时间推进会有游戏加入或退出。
未添加游戏:▼Punch Planet(已下架,Steam Early Access)▼Explottens(已下架)▼Dear Reader(必须会英文)▼Word Laces(中文版为成语连线,难度偏幼)▼Red Reign▼Outlanders▼BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner(已下架)▼Spaceland▼Redout: Space Assault▼Decoherence▼Mind Symphony▼ShockRods▼Things That Go Bump▼Ballistic Baseball▼PAC-MAN Party Royale▼Hogwash▼Fallen Knight▼Lifelike: Chapter One▼Tales of Memo▼Star Fetched▼Super Mega Mini Party▼Jumper Jon▼Wonderbox▼Sociable Soccer '21▼Marble It Up: Mayhem!▼Discolored▼Unleash the Light▼Ultimate Rivals: The Rink▼UFO on Tape: First Contact▼No Way Home▼Butter Royale▼Secret Oops!▼CHARRUA SOCCER▼Loud House: Outta Control▼Spyder▼Legend of the Skyfish 2▼Scrappers▼The_Otherside▼Winding Worlds▼Towers of Everland▼The Lullaby of Life▼Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows▼Next Stop Nowhere▼Marble Knights▼The Collage Atlas▼All of You▼Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon▼Spire Blast▼Populus Run▼lumen.▼SP!NG▼Simon's Cat - Story Time▼Farm It!▼The Oregon Trail▼Star Trek: Legends▼Sudoku by MobilityWare+(数独)▼Tiny Crossword+(填字)▼SpellTower+▼Really Bad Chess+▼Mahjong Titan+▼Good Sudoku+▼Checkers Royal+▼Backgammon+▼Flipflop Solitaire+▼Solitaire by MobilityWare+▼Chess - Play & Learn+▼Frenzic: Overtime▼Solitaire Stories▼Ultimate Rivals: The Court▼Doodle God Universe▼Detonation Racing▼Super Stickman Golf 3+▼Super Leap Day▼Tetris Beat▼MasterChef: Let's Cook!▼Zen Pinball Party▼Zookeeper World▼Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure▼LEGO Star Wars Battles▼Crayola Create and Play+▼Galaga Wars+▼LEGO Star Wars: Castaways▼Spades: Card Game+▼Hearts: Card Game+▼Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis▼Wylde Flowers▼Pocket Build+▼Sonic Dash+▼Gear.Club Stradale▼Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+▼Moonshot - A Journey Home▼Badland Party▼Warped Kart Racers▼Pro Darts 2022+▼Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins▼My Bowling 3D+▼Subway Surfers Tag▼HEROish▼My Talking Tom+▼Hanx101 Trivia▼Horizon Chase 2▼Garden Tails: Match and Grow▼Spider Solitaire: Card Game+▼Gin Rummy Classic+

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