Rick and Morty Season 3

ep.2 Rickmancing the Stone

时长:00:22:25 / 首播:2017-07-30
导演/ Dominic Polcino
编剧/ Jane Becker
To get away from Jerry, who is saying goodbye after his divorce from Beth, Rick takes Morty and Summer to a Mad Max-esq Earth warrior group in search of Isotope 322. He finds a marble sized amount, but they are caught by the Death Stalkers. Rick tries to leave until he sees they have a football sized chunk of Isotope 322 as their power source, so he joins them. Summer finds herself enamoured by this world and Death Stalkers leader Hemorrhage, while Morty, as part of Ricks plan, is given a giant dismembered left arms strength, but 'muscle memory' includes the memories of its original owner, who takes Morty in search of his killer. Rick steals the rock and leaves the kids behind, creating robots to fool Beth, but realises he must bring the kids home. Returning, he helps them use the stones power to transform the post-apocalyptic world into something resembling suburbia, but steals it again as they leave. The experience has helped the kids move on from their parents divorce, and Morty explains to Beth that if Jerry wanted to stay he would have fought to make it happen: ultimately he either does not care or is not strong enough to do it.
Post-credit scene: Jerry receives his unemployment check in his mail, but a growling dog appears and bullies him into handing the check over. The dog eats the check and throws it up, thus ruining Jerry's life a little bit more.
Guest starring: Tony Hale as Death Stalker Eli, Joel McHale as Death Stalker Hemorrhage
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愚人节放出的第一话真的是要让大家等到夏天呢ε-(´∀`; )
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is that what they are?
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