The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)

ep.17 The Athenaeum Allocation

时长:00:20:06 / 首播:2018-03-08
Sheldon and Amy decide on a wedding date of May 12th. They want to have their reception at the university's athenaeum. While scouting the location, they are shocked to see Leonard and Penny eating there, as Leonard had told Sheldon their application had been denied. In reality, Leonard just wanted a place to avoid Sheldon. Kripke has booked the venue for his birthday party on the same day as the wedding. Leonard cleans radioactive sludge for Kripke to get the date for Sheldon as an apology for lying. Kripke eventually agrees to change the day but when Amy hears he wants to sing at the wedding, she suggests they get married at the planetarium instead. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette are unsure if one of them should quit their job to stay home with the kids. Howard volunteers, but when left alone with the children he passes out exhausted, leaving Raj in charge. When Bernadette meets Penny for lunch, she realizes that she loves being at the office again, but doesn't want to leave the kids. She and Howard promise to figure it out later after they take a nap.

Title reference: The athenaeum date being allocated for Kripke's birthday instead of the wedding.