The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)

ep.12 The Matrimonial Metric

时长:00:19:55 / 首播:2018-01-04
Sheldon and Amy struggle to choose a best man and maid of honor from their friends. They secretly decide to test and score them, allowing everyone to have an equal shot at either role. Once the gang finds out, none of them apart from Bernadette and Stuart want to be in the wedding. Sheldon settles for Stuart as best man, but once Leonard tells Sheldon that as the groom, the decision is his alone, he picks Leonard. Amy is set to call Bernadette but once Penny realizes Amy is her best friend, she immediately pitches herself for the position and Amy enthusiastically chooses her. Amy later makes Penny tell Bernadette the bad news.

Title reference: Sheldon and Amy scoring their friends for roles in the wedding.
#1 - 2018-3-4 11:48
哈哈哈哈,婚前大鬧劇,可憐的 Stuart。